A Quiet Joy: New Jersey’s Monastery of Saint Clare

Director: Julie McElmurry
Short: Documentary
Religious - Inspirational | USA | 30 min

Hi. I hope you enjoy this movie about a unique: place-the monastery of Saint Clare, in Chesterfield, New Jersey;

…home to a group of extremely smart, funny, and inspiring women!

Director’s bio:

Julie McElmurry, a self-taught documentary filmmaker from North Carolina, picked up a camera as a way to capture, preserve and share the stories she heard from friends who were nuns-stories about the old days, stories about choosing to live in a monastery, stories about death and friendships and family. Supplemented by her earlier studies of medieval history, she presents this ancient way of monastic life, which is lived in very modern ways, so that the women are speaking for themselves and telling their own stories in their own words.
A Quiet Joy is McElmurry’s seventh film.