A Tango To Remember

Director: Severine Reisp
Short: Narrative
Romance | USA | 6 min
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A Tango to Remember: is the romance of a woman… and her husband – who suffers from Alzheimer’s. She takes him to the pier in Jersey City where they first met, and where they so enjoyed dancing, when they were young, and in love. She brings with her the music so familiar, that they both shared, in order for him to find the memories of their past locked up somewhere in the corridors of his mind; awaiting their release.

Director’s bio:

Born in Bielefeld, Germany; award winning filmmaker Severine Reisp graduated from secondary school in England with honors in five A-levels. She was invited to become a trainee with Joffrey Ballet School in New York City, and later with State Street Ballet in Santa Barbara, California. To further combine her academic interests with dance, she eventually decided to enroll at Sarah Lawrence College, where she received the ‘Presidential Scholarship Award’. Her first longer short film was screened in 25 festivals worldwide, and won numerous accolades in different categories.

Since then, she has acted in, directed, produced and edited numerous award winning films.