An Ordinary Life

Director: Efrat Shalom Danon / Gili Danon
Feature: Documentary
Human Interest / Inspirational | Israel | 60 min
English, German, Hebrew, Somali, Tigrinya w/English subtitles
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Fadhumo and Helen are two refugees seeking sanctuary: one in Tel Aviv, Israel, the other in Berlin, Germany.

Each coping with discrimination, otherness, a life away from home, and a life away from each other;  these two close friends become social activists – determined to assist women like themselves, in order to provide a better, more acceptable future for the next generation.

This documentary highlights the contrasts between Israeli and German immigration policies, while shedding light on the two women’s mutual fate: an unstable life, controlled by government policy, and always dependent on human kindness.

Together; they are both driven by a belief: despite everything as it is, their dream of making a meaningful change by example, for those who will come after them, may still have a chance.

Director’s bio:

Efrat is an award-winning filmmaker, who in her debut film: “The Dreamers” provided a unique glimpse into women filmmakers living in the closed Ultra-Orthodox communities in Israel.”The Dreamers” premiere was at Docaviv film festival.
“The Dreamers” was also broadcasted on Israeli television, and was nominated ‘Best Debut Film’ at the Israeli Documentary Film Competition. The film went on to participate in over 30 international festivals.

Gili is a multidisciplinary creator, poet, playwright, and video artist. His feature short films: ‘Avalanche’ and ‘The Anniversary’ have been screened at festivals in Israel and abroad. They were also broadcasted on Israeli television.
Gili has edited many documentaries, as well as ‘made for television’ series, of which have participated in film festivals in Israel, and abroad.