Babe Ruth At: Sing Sing

Director: Jim Ormond
Feature: Documentary
Biography - Inspirational | United States | 60 min
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This hour-long documentary weaves back and forth between the careers of Babe Ruth, the major sports figure of his day, and Sing Sing Prison; warden Lewis E. Lawes, “America’s Warden.” The two figures meet in person, when Lawes invites Babe Ruth, and the New York Yankees, to play an exhibition game against the Sing Sing inmates on: September 5, 1929.

Director’s bio:

Jim Ormond is an independent filmmaker based in the New York City area, who specializes in short films on local history. His recent releases include: Hudson River Brick Makers, which chronicled the 350-year history of brick-making on the Hudson ,and was aired on Channel 13 in New York, a live-action adaptation of: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, which is aired annually on approximately 15 PBS stations, and The Enslaved Africans Rain Garden, which traced the history of slavery in New York, from the founding of New Amsterdam through statewide abolition in 1840. The film was aired on NYC Life; the official station of New York City. 

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