Black Cherry

Director: Michele Drake Haddad
Short: Music Video
Inspirational - Personal Growth | USA | 5 min
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A young woman raised on junk food, becomes a vegan, and ultimately gets more than she bargained for.

Director’s bio:

Michele’s early career began as Playmate of the Month in the May, 1979 issue of “Playboy”.

Drake landed roles in the films ‘American Gigolo’, ‘The Hollywood Knights’, ‘History of the World: Part I’, and ‘Cheech and Chong’s Next Movie’. Moreover; she made a guest appearance as a Playmate on an episode of: ‘The Jeffersons’.

Outside of her acting gigs; Michele was also a member of the ‘Singing Playmates’ group, and has appeared on Johnny Carson’s during the 1982 New Year’s Eve show, performed live with Bob Hope, and filmed with special guests: Jane Fonda, Mike Douglas, and George Burns, to name just a few.

Michele’s entertainment career has continued, as she works the other side of the camera; involved in feature film productions at an international level. The ‘Great Recession’ closed many doors for Michele, who was then inspired to return to College, in order to update her education in Film, Television, Electronic Media, and Video. Her passion for Directing, combined with her experience, and natural talents, allowed her to work seamlessly with professional, established actors, and students alike.

Michele Drake Haddad will graduate this Spring from CSULB with a BA degree in Film, and Electronic Media, and a concentration in Screenwriting, and Production Management.