Director: Shira Meishar
Narrative short
Israel | 13 min
Hebrew w/ English subtitles
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Just as Helena is about to end another dreary day in the restaurant where she works, and return home to celebrate her fiftieth birthday with her husband, a stranger enters and orders a meal… Something about him rekindles Helena’s desire for human warmth and connection.
Soon enough the two of them are joined by a neglected little boy whom Helena saves from a street fight outside the restaurant. In this way a fragile fantasy family is built for three people whose alternative lives whisper inside them.

Screens with A Mirror for the Sun

Thursday, June 27, 2019 8:00 PM
A Mirror For The Sun w/ Short Films
The Screening Room @ Torat El
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A Mirror For The Sun w/ Short Films

Thursday, June 27, 2019 8:00 PM

The Screening Room @ Torat El

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Director’s bio:

After completing National Service doing volunteer work in a neighborhood of South Tel Aviv, Shira Meishar completed four years’ full time study at the Ma’aleh Film School of Jerusalem in 2016. Her 12 minute drama “Inside Outside,” completed in 2014 in the second year of her studies, won first prize for excellence at the film school awards, and has since been screened at the Manhattan Film Festival, the California Shorts International Film Festival and the Atlanta Shortsfest. Shira’s graduate documentary, “Hanna is Beautiful” was released in January 2015 and has been shown at six film festivals worldwide. Shira also edited two graduate films, winning the “best editor” prize of her year in Ma’aleh. Her graduate project, the fictional film “Home Made,” (13 minutes), has won both the “judge’s favorite” award and the “Israeli movie” award at the Ma’aleh graduate film screening. The film has also screened at the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, 2017 and at Palm Springs International Short Film Festival 2017.