…I am Water

Director: Jim Hall
Short Short: Animation
Social Commentary | USA | 2 min
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…I am Water is an absurd allegorical FilmPoem: hopefully, an easy read between the lines.
Water covers approximately 70 percent of the earth. The human body is made up of just about that same amount of water.

We can live only a few days without water.
If we are to save the planet, it begins with you and (I)…one drop at a time.

Director’s bio:

Jim Hall is a 2-time Peabody Award winner for his work as a photojournalist in television as part of an Investigative team.
The Peabody Award is considered the Pulitzer Prize of broadcasting.
As a  21-time Emmy award winner (including National Emmy), Jim had a long career working as a cameraman at TV stations around the United States.
His camera lens has captured lost souls on their way out, and fallen angels on their way back up.
Currently, Hall has concentrated his energy as a documentary filmmaker, and part-time experimental Film-Poet.
His Film-Poems have screened at festivals internationally.