Asburied in Time A Greeting Through Asbury Park’s Unique History

Asburied in Time A Greeting Through Asbury Park's Unique History

Asburied in Time: A Greeting Through Asbury Park's Unique History

Directed by Bridget Machete

Feature  | 90 min | Documentary | USA

The film has been in production for a few years creating local interest in it. Our story features the history and how Asbury Park is now "a tale of two cities" in one- the east side is the cash cow completely revitalized while parts of the west side need help that aren't given focus. It features a local family of 2nd and 4th generation Italian Americans who immigrated to Asbury Park struggling with rising prices, rent prices on their family business, school district issues and overall safeness of raising a family in the affordable areas while still trying to keep strong roots in Asbury Park, the place where their family has called home since the 1800s. As we follow this family, we learn more how although the city is in the best shape it's been, many have been pushed out due to eminent domain, prices and the city fixating on only one part of the city and how this affects a local family and business owners.

This film is screening  during our Gala Opening Night

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Thurs Aug 2nd 7:30pm - The Asbury