Neither peace nor quietness

Neither Peace Nor Quietness

Neither peace nor quietness

Directed by Michał Dawidowicz and Zbigniew Bodzek

Music Video | 5 min | Expressionism, Sci-Fi | Poland

The rich man suffers a road accident. Instantly, like a present Job, he loses his fortune, family and health. During the state of clinical death, his soul fights for the deliverance from suffering, for understanding. The film is an attempt to show the conflict between the soul and the human body, the clashing forces: the will of the human in opposite to the divine will. To surrender to fate is it the highest skill or fatalistic passivity? The film's inspiration is the motif of Job's experience of God, Alawite beliefs and Fazil Say's music "Alevi Dedeler rakı masasında" performed by LutosAir Quintet from National Forum of Music in Wroclaw.

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Thurs Aug 2nd 12-4pm - McLoone's
Mon Aug 6th 8pm - Baronet