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Goodbye Olympic

Director: Mojtaba Poorbakhsh
Narrative Short
Drama | Iran | 18 min
Persian W/ English Subtitles

Kayak Champion: Maria is a girl waiting to be dispatched as a qualifier for the World Olympics Qualification; to be held in France. When an incident occurs outside the realm of possibilities, the schedule for …

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Heart’s A Boomerang

Director: Taylor Tote / Andrea Morgan
Short: Music Video
Drama | USA | 5 min

Taylor falls back on her early acting days, to bring the heartfelt track to life in a tug-of-war tale of love vs. self. Anyone who’s had an indecisive moment can definitely relate to this song.

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Hound Dog

Director: Michael Robert Anderson / Matt Provenzano
Short: Narrative
Sci-Fi - Thriller | USA | 5 min
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In the year 1957, a group of battered kids try to convince their small town – a killer monster is on the loose.

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How the Cookie Crumbles

Director: Joseph DeIorio
Qwik Qlips
Comedy | USA | 1 min

Nearly 4,000 Halloween-related injuries occur every single year in the United States: Protect yourself before you become the next victim.  

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Director: Mason Dugas
Short: Animation
Sci-Fi Thriller | USA | 3 min

Extraterrestrial beings come to earth for an earthly purpose.

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Director: Joseph McGovern
Short: Narrative
Mystery Thriller | USA | 15 min
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Unable to fulfill his obsessive desires for his best friend’s wife Suzanna, Jeremy is tormented, as he struggles with his ultimate realization.

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I Smell The Flower

Director: Guillaume Marin
Qwik Qlip: Narration
Sci-fi - Experimental | Canada | 1 min
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A layer of chromatic vibrations shaped with plants and a microscope. This home-made palimpsest tries to find the pulsation between man and nature; within a grunge agitation of my eco-anxiety built on a microscopic scale.

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Director: A.J. Ciccotelli
Short: Narrative
Suspense Thriller | USA | 18 min
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Jim is a young criminal psychology major, who contacts a real life serial killer for an interview. Is his life worth an A in the class?.

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Director: Ryan Daniel
Short: Narrative
Mystery / Thriller | USA | 15 min
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During the course of his entire life Jimmy has never left his house. His father says it’s because there was an apocalypse that happened outside, leaving the world with nothing but brain dead people infected …

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Director: Noa Anikster Oren
Short: Documentary
Drama | Israel | 30 min
Hebrew w/ English subtitles
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Noa’s prayers are full of questions. In an attempt to make peace with some of them, Noa befriends two young women – a Christian and a Moslem, who are also Jerusalem residents. Together, the three …

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Director: Clayton Combe
Short: Narrative
Drama - Social Commentary | USA | 10 min
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A 1950s housewife struggles to accept her place in the world, while hiding herself, and her young son from an aggressive door-to-door salesman.  

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Johnny And The Devil

Director: Matty Jorissen
Short: Music Video - Animation
Fantasy- Personal Growth | Netherlands | 5 min
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Ready to hit the road, and become a free soul again: Johnny has a tempting encounter with the Devil.

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Director: Deb Ethier
Short Short: Animation
Music - Dance | Canada | 2 min

A joyous and lighthearted animated celebration of dance and art set to an adaptation of the lilting third movement (Allegro) from Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 6.

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Just Desserts

Director: Veronica Tullo
Short: Narrative
Suspense Thriller | USA | 3 min
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James: an average middle school boy,  is convinced the cafeteria cook is a witch. When his new friend Ava gets lured into the kitchen, what will James do?

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Director: George LaVoo
Feature: Narrative
Drama -Coming of Age | USA | 80 min

Throughout most of Booker’s 13 years of life, he’s been more or less inseparable, and totally dependent on his mother. The  mother and child bonding they shared, has created a lasting impression on the both …

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