Seven Years Underground

Seven Years Underground

Seven Years Underground: A 60's Tale

Directed by Jason M. Solomon

Documentary Feature | 90 min | USA

In 1964, after spending a one year protracted legal battle, co-club owners, Howard and Elly Solomon were finally granted a 'unique' cabaret license and the Cafe Au Go Go opened its doors on February 7. Six weeks later, with mounting legal bills and depleting funds, the couple were quickly going out of business. With few options, Howard and Elly made a desperate, last minute attempt to keep the club open and reached out to popular comedian, Lenny Bruce. Two days into Lenny's performance he was arrested and booked for obscenity charges, along with Howard and Elly. That historic arrest, and the international press it garnered would put the Cafe Au Go Go on the entertainment world map.


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Wed Aug 8th 8pm - Film Salon