When The Witches Came To Town

When The Witches Came To Town by David Fresina

When The Witches Came To Town

Directed by David Fresina

Documentary Feature | 52 min | USA

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It’s a tale of two Eastwick’s. During the summer of 1986, a contentious and divisive mood in the town of Little Compton, RI, drove Warner Bros. to film their tale of the devil and three witches in Cohasset, MA. They transformed this tiny, seaside town into “Eastwick”, the fictional town in their hit film The Witches Of Eastwick which stars Cher and Jack Nicholson.


Signs were changed, extra’s cast, local businesses rented out their stores, trucks and trailers pulled up, movie stars arrived, and for nearly two months, Cohasset became a giant set piece and a backdrop for one of the last, great on-location film shoots in movie history.

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